<Posted June 3, 1999>

Hello! my name is Marina, I am from Russia. I am 35 y.o. (Aquarius); height: 164 cm; weight: 58 kg. My hair is brown; eyes are hazel. I am Christian, divorced and have a 13 y.o. son.

I am romantic by nature but realistic, and practical enough to accept life as it is. I am considered to be charming and sexual, and I am a good mother and housewife. Family comes first for me. I am principled with high moral values.

I like theatre and movies. I enjoy nature and long walks on the beach. I love the sea, maybe because my name is originally connected with the sea. I am sociable and feminine.

I'd like to meet a serious man, family oriented who will accept my son as his own. He should be financially secure, dependable and stable, well educated and intelligent. He has sufficient sense of humor and patient enough to have a Russian wife and new adolescent son.

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