<Posted February 6, 2000>

Hello! My name is Joni, I'm from USA. I'm 44 y.o. (Decmber 18, 1955), 5'6", 135 lbs, I have golden brown hair (I hid the silver) and blue eyes. I am a spiritual person and follow no traditional religions. I have a 9 y.o. son, his name is Nicolas.

I'm a wild and wholly free spirit, 44 and just beginning my life, not the life others had prepared for me!!! I know what I want and I'm lookin for it. I find myself a sexy woman and am happy with myself in these ways and looking to explore with one man.

What I want is the most important thing I found life has to offer ... loving and being loved. Simply rising my brilliant child, cooking lovely meals (healthy, ethnic, but ribs are good too) for my family (but do take me out too), and enjoying life's pleasures. Making a cozy, welcoming home and being there for my man and having fun being who we are.

I am an H.H.P. of 19 years. I love writing about this as well as erotica and intend to publish. I need nature, the beach the water in and on it. I have to exercise, walking, swimming and roller blading mostly.

I design clothing for buxom women, do some leather and jewlery making and like to sew.

I love animals and riding horses. I love to swing and ballroom dancing and I want to take belly-dancing classes. I also want to dance with my man ... how erotic.

I value a man who knows what he wants, especially when it is I and he can pursue me in a sure but tasteful manner. I like a man who is secure, confident but not cooky, honest with a sense of humor. You must want erotic bliss and sensual and sexual ecstasy in your life if you want me. You know the value of loving and being loved, you know that it takes effort for the trust and intimacy of a loving relationship to grow and last.

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